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Digital Marketing & SEO Services For Physiotherapist Businesses 

Do you own or run a physio rehab clinic in Australia  and not taking advantage of an online presence!


Lachlan Martin & Insights to Marketing

We are a Sydney based digital marketing businesses that specialises in the online sector and getting your physio clinic seen. Our mission is to help get you more customers and grow your business out the door.


My experience in small businesses over the past 5 years has been exciting and challenging. Only from talking to my local physio after developing  jumpers knee has opened up the conversation between us and of the needs of lead generation for new customers and steady bookings in physiotherapy rooms around Australia.

Implementing SEO To Your Website

Our main type of digital marketing services is seo or known as search engine optimisation for clients websites or around Australia. Physio clinics have a increase in customers  with our strategies of on page and off page seo techniques.

Physiotherapist businesses normally get leads through a few channels the main one is being online on search engines, (Google, Bing, Yahoo)  You should have a look at your website and see where it sits on google. Search your keyword Physio + suburb and see where your website appears. This is normal called ranking in the digital world  and having your website ranked or on the first page or NO#1  on google is the strongest channel of lead generations for physiotherapist and businesses in Australia. Having a seo consultant work on your website to increases it's ranking is the only way.

What is Digital Marketing 

Really  more known as internet marketing is the online use of digital technologies, it is simply the use or promotion of your business or awareness of a service or product you offer to customers. These channels are most likely 

  • Content Marketing. ...

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ...

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ...

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) ...

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) ...

  • Affiliate Marketing. ...

  • Email Marketing. ..

Why should I have digital marketing as a local business, I am not a large company?  It doesn't matter on the size of your business, small or large. You should really have some type of presence or multiple through online marketing platforms including facebook, Instagram and Search Engines.  Choosing a digital marketing strategy can be simple but looking for a ROI one is harder if you don't know where to start.  We highly recommend a strategy session on seo keywords for your industry and sending your website the right traffic and quality of customer. Someone who searches back pain phsyio plus suburb has committed to find someone who can cater to this service.



Lets  have a chat how we can work together and grow your business. I want to hear more services and staff and what your future goals.

This is a obligation free session.


Soon to Come!

Will break down the methods and technology and techniques on how successful physiotherapy business are growing



Angie S.

“Great service and really knows how customers find our business”

Luke M.

“We were ready to take our business to the next level and hire more staff”

Michelle B.

“We are excited to keep on growing and now have a consistent  bookings .”


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